Northamptonshire Carbon Dioxide Emissions Visualisations

This visualisation below allows you to compare the overall carbon dioxide emissions per capita across each of the districts of Northamptonshire. You can also see how the different components of this carbon footprint compare in more detail here - household, transport and industrial & commercial. All of the charts can be separately downloaded for presentations, etc. by clicking on the 'download' button at the bottom right. Please acknowledge Climate East Midlands as the source.

Further visualisations are available where you can see how the Northamptonshire footprint compares to the other counties and cities of the East Midlands, or you can look at the separate footprints of other counties:

Derbyshire     Leicestershire     Lincolnshire      Nottinghamshire     Download trend analysis

These visualisations use a dataset from the Department from Energy and Climate Change 'Carbon dioxide emissions within the scope of influence of local authorities' which is updated annually, two years in arrears. Some large sources of emissions like industrial processes and motorways are excluded from the dataset because they are only influenced by national level policies.

Developed by Warren Pearce, University of Nottingham on behalf of Climate East Midlands, September 2012.


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