Climate UK

Climate UK is the national network of nine climate change partnerships in England, together with our counterpart in Northern Ireland, the Adaptation Scotland programme and the Welsh Government. Climate UK was constituted as a Community Interest Company ('Climate Partnership UK', trading as Climate UK) in 2011. Climate East Midlands works closely with its equivalents throughout the UK to share and transfer good practice and deliver joint projects.

Climate UK works with the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service, providing a range of local outreach and online activities. The Climate Ready Support Service works with Climate UK and other partners to provide tailored sector support and advice to help organisations adapt to the changing climate. You can access Climate Ready tools and guidance developed by the Environment Agency and its partners from Climate UK's Resources library, which also includes regular Climate UK newsletters and a wide range of other materials.

Adaptation and resilience is the aspect of climate change on which all partnerships are active (not all work on energy and carbon reduction). Climate East Midlands supports action in both areas, on the causes and consequences of climate change.

Visit the Climate UK website (which was developed by Climate East Midlands on behalf of Climate UK in 2013 and updated in 2015), where you can also access the contact details and visit the websites of all our network members.

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